Yuyao Feifan Commodity Factory

Yuyao Feifan Commodity Factory.

Yuyao Feifan Commodity Factory is

China Cosmetic Packaging Bottles Manufacturers and custom Sprayer Pumps Factory

that mainly produces daily necessities manufacturing; plastic daily necessities manufacturing; household appliances manufacturing; labor protection products production; daily masks (non-medical) production; daily masks (non-medical) sales: labor protection products sales:

The company will adhere to the business philosophy of "people- oriented, honest and pragmatic", and constantly expand the e nterprise. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation.

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Lotion cosmetic sub- bottling

  • Lotion

  • pump

The company mainly produces: spray heads, lotion pumps, spray pumps, foam pumps, square guns, foam guns, airless bottles, continuous spray bottles, PETG high-end cosmetic bottles and various spray guns, cosmetic packaging bottle, and other daily chemical packaging products.

OUR Advantage

Why Choose Us

  • Customization

  • Multiformity

  • Quality

  • Capacity

Custom processing

We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce sprayer pump products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

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What are the advantages of A Gun Hand Trigger Sprayer?

A gun hand trigger sprayer is a type of handheld sprayer that has a trigger on the handle that controls the flow of liquid through the nozzle. Here are some advantages of using a gun hand trigger sprayer: Precise application: The trigger allows you...

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What are the advantages of A Gun Hand Trigger Sprayer?

A gun hand trigger sprayer is a type of spray bottle that is designed with a trigger that is squeezed by hand to release a spray of liquid. Some advantages of using a gun hand trigger sprayer include: Easy to use: The trigger design of the sprayer ...

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Differences in Lotion Pump Specifications

Lotion pumps are used to dispense a wide range of liquids, including lotions, creams, and soaps. There are several specifications of lotion pumps that differentiate them from one another, including: Closure size: Lotion pumps come in different closur...

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Features of PP Water Trigger Sprayer

PP water trigger sprayers are designed to be used with a wide range of liquid solutions, including water, cleaning agents, and other household chemicals. They are designed to be durable, easy to use, and compatible with a range of liquid solutions, m...

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Some Of The Key Features Of a 42mm Foam Pump

A 42mm foam pump is a type of dispenser pump commonly used in the personal care and beauty industry for dispensing foam-based products such as hand soap, facial cleansers, and body wash. The "42mm" in the name refers to the diameter of the pump's nec...

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Features of D Gun Trigger Sprayer

A D gun Trigger Sprayer is a type of spray gun used for various applications, including cleaning, disinfecting, and applying pesticides. Here are some of the common features of a D gun Trigger Sprayer: D-Shaped Handle: A D-shaped handle is ergonomica...

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Two Classifications Of Pump Heads For Daily Cosmetic Packaging Bottles

For nozzles and pump heads, springs need to be placed inside the product center. The external pump, that is, the spring in the center of the nozzle/pump head is visible from the outside. It is usually placed above the pump core, and the assembly is d...

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Cosmetic Packaging Bottle And Spray Introduction

The design of cosmetic packaging bottles are constantly innovating, from the plastic cap at the beginning, the squeeze cap to the spray pump at the end, each time for better storage of cosmetics and convenience for people to use. Plastic cosmetic pac...

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The Main Place Of Use Of Fine Mist Sprayer

A fine mist sprayer is a type of spray nozzle that is used to dispense liquid in fine mist or mist-like droplets. It is commonly used in a variety of applications such as: Personal care: Fine mist sprayers are used in a wide range of personal care pr...

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What Is Edge Booster Spray Bottle

An edge booster spray bottle is a type of spray bottle that is designed for use in hair styling. It is typically used to provide extra hold and control to the hair, especially around the edges and hairline. This can be particularly helpful for achiev...

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Where Is The Quality Of The Lotion Pump

Press the handle by hand, the volume of the spring chamber decreases, the pressure rises, the liquid enters the nozzle chamber through the hole of the valve body of the lotion pump head, and the liquid is sprayed out through the nozzle. At this time,...

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The Material Change Of The External Foam Pump In The Pump Head

Present foam pumps all adopt metal springs as reset parts. After the liquid is taken out, each part of the foam pump returns to its original position due to the recovery of deformation of the metal springs. However, when the foam pump is discarded an...

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